Welcome to The Great Translation Chain

“Supporting common causes whilst showcasing professional ability.”

Welcome to The Great Translation Chain,

This is a new blog by the creators of SJC Paris Blog & the parent site www.sjlanguageconsulting.com.

Whilst this project is still in the early development stage we wanted to share the news with our followers & to round-up support.

The aim of this project & blog is to support common causes whilst giving translators the ability to not only showcase their work, but also to help to communicate and raise awareness of the plights of many through translation.

The mission of The Great Translation Chain is to attempt at bringing translators together from all over the world, not only to translate short documents into their mother-tongue, but also to demonstrate quality translations whilst passing on the important message of each cause added.

We will be updating this page frequently with information on what happens next.

If you would like further information regarding this campaign please complete the form below.

Whilst the idea of this new network belongs to the author, all translations will be submitted without being the subject of copyright. The purpose of the blog is NOT to get free translations, but to make a chain of communication which will, with the invaluable help of professional translators, be passed to  non-English speaking communities.


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