Let The Great Translation Chain Begin!

“Supporting common causes whilst showcasing professional ability.”

The time has come to commence The Great Translation Chain!

Many hours have been spent discussing, re-discussing & discussing again the best way to step forward with this new & exciting project. In conclusion we have decided that the best way is to simply start linking everybody together – improvisation has a way of improving the way things work through the means of trial & error. One thing for sure however, is that this project will be mainly based on trust – trusting translators to pass on an important message in a serious & professional way, respecting that the translations, at times, may involve sensitive issues & subjects.

The rules are simple:

  • Each week we are going to ask a worthy cause if there is a message (around 150 words) that they would like translated and communicated worldwide.
  • The translation will be posted to The Great Translation Chain  – this is where your important contribution can be made.
  • We ask where possible that the translation be carried out into your native tongue or at least a language that you are very proficient in & then be posted back to the site.
  • This is where the chain starts – we ask that you pass this translation on to as many translators you know with a different target language to yours – let the chain begin!

To what & whose benefit?

As mentioned, when we first started advertising The Great Translation Chain, although the idea belongs to our group of associates the contribution belongs to all. There will be no copyright attached to the translations and they can thus be used freely by deserving causes.

Each translation will be helping to raise awareness of plights that would not normally reach non-English speaking communities and will also help non-profit organisations benefit from translations that they could not possibly afford to pay for. I must stress here that WE are not looking for FREE translations for our own use!

If you are reading this article and you are not a translator but are somebody looking for a serious message to be conveyed then please contact us through the homepage.

The last thing we ask before we officially announce that The Great Translation Chain is open for business; should you see a translation post that you think is something other than a bona fide translation of the original document then please flag this on our homepage.

We are currently having The Great Translation Chain logo designed; once ready please feel free to use it on your site.

Launch Party

Now, every great project should have a launch party but as we couldn’t decide which country to hold it in we thought we would commence by having a little fun! Our French collaborator who first came-up with this great idea suggested we use the aptly named party game “traderidera”.

All you need is a few friends and a little drink or two!

Savez-vous passer le Tradéridéra, savez-vous passez ceci sans vous tromper ?

Loosely translated (singing along):

Can you pass around the Tra/di /bla/ di /blah/ can you pass it round the proper way?

If you can get the awful song out of your head  [ 🙂 ] the real work is about to commence! The first test translation will be posted some time this evening ……….. will you join in with The Great Translation Chain?


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