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The idea behind The Great Translation Chain is to support common causes & to raise awareness through translation. Therefore, we would be making a grave mistake if we were to forget those people out there that devote hours of work to campaigning, in order to ensure that these vital messages are transmitted.

It is for this reason that we have decided to add this page, which will be updated with the causes that we either come across, or that approach us for support.

Please feel free to add your suggestions.


Women’s Rights without Frontiers- Forced abortion is NOT a choice!

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers and China Aid are spearheading an international campaign to free Chen Guangcheng.  Watch a three-minute video about Chen here:

Sign the petition to free Chen here:


Jubilee Campaign – Child sacrifice in Uganda MUST stop!

We were contacted today, following our latest translation raising the awareness of child sacrifice, thanking us for highlighting the plight of these poor children.

Here is a copy of Jubilee’s campaign press release: (warning the article contains distressing facts)


For Immediate release     11 October 2011


A new report by British charity Jubilee Campaign warns that child sacrifice in Uganda is increasing at an alarming rate.

                Child Sacrifice in Uganda is published jointly with Kyampisi Childcare Ministries in Uganda on Wednesday 12October 2011 and is to be featured on BBC news this week.

                The report includes interviews with child survivors of ritual killings and asserts that the authorities have failed to investigate or to prosecute the perpetrators of this crime:

  • Children are kidnapped on behalf of wealthy Ugandan businessmen who pay vast sums of money for the ritual killings.
  • Body parts are cut off and their blood and organs used in witchcraft ceremonies in the belief that this will result in wealth, success, or solve other problems.
  • About 3,000 children go missing annually, many of whom are believed to have been murdered in witchcraft ceremonies. 
  • There is no law to deal with the crime of child sacrifice.
  • Only one person has been convicted for child sacrifice. Witch doctor George Kabi was sentenced to 50 years in jail in March 2011 for abducting and cutting off the genitals of a seven-year-old boy in July 2010. The witch doctor was charged under trafficking legislation.
  • Cases of child sacrifice are back logged in the courts and few are investigated since the police are under-resourced. In most cases, the victim’s family or friends would be expected to pay for the petrol of the police vehicle used in the investigation.
  • The government’s task force set up to investigate child sacrifice reported 14 ritual murders of children last year.  Investigators for the report found that most cases are not reported to the police, and few ever reach the courts.

Jubilee Campaign have launched an online petition calling for the Ugandan government to introduce new legislation to deal with child sacrifice. Jubilee Campaign and Kyampisi Childcare Ministries are calling for witch doctors and traditional healers to be regulated. The campaigners want a new court to be established to deal with cases of child sacrifice and for provision of care for the victims of this crime. 

Child Sacrifice in Uganda will be available for download from Wednesday 12 October



We would like to add the importance of signing the Jubilee petition – we need to sound our voice!

The petition


TPRF: Food for People

Helping to break the cycle of poverty through nutritious food, clean water and education… Because everyone deserves a life of dignity and hope.


Greenpeace: A New Warrior


Children with Disabilities in Niger to Receive Food Assistance

Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the U.S. non-profit Counterpart, each month almost 1,600 people with disabilities – most of them blind – will benefit from the initiative. Impoverished children with disabilities in the capital of Niger will receive two meals a day as part of a new one-year program to reduce malnutrition and keep kids in school.



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