This page will be dedicated to all of the important people involved in this project; whether they have given up their time, work or collaboration.

Translators – A list of all translators who have donated their translations; without their work the success we have achieved so far would not have been possible.

Proofreaders – We are looking for people to moderate & proofread; this page will be updated accordingly.

Writers – Professional who have either made direct contribution or who have given us permission to use original texts.

Project Founders

Samantha Hanks Johnson:

Co-founder, site designer, editor & joint Project Manager of The Great Translation Chain.

“Mission statement to be added soon!”

Bénédicte Voisin:

Co-founder of The Great Translation Chain, translator (English, French & German) & joint Project Manager of The Great Translation Chain.

“Mission statement to be added in French soon!”


The Great Translation Chain Logo donated by Jonathan Webb – Cheshire the United Kingdom – Photographer & photoshop geek.


Should you like to get involved with this project, either as a translator or if you have a cause you wish to have translated and communicated then please contact us today!

Every person in The Great Translation Chain is valuable

All rights to The Great Translation Chain© reserved

21 responses to “Collaborators

  1. Anne Seidenberg

    Hi, I am a Spanish to English translator and would love to get involved in your project.

    • Hi Anne

      That’s great thank you so much for offering your support. Please subscribe to the blog to receive regular updates and in addition I will let you know when we next have your language combination posted. If you have LinkedIn you can also find The Great Translation Chain group (also a page on FB).

      Please keep following and supporting!



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  3. Hi Samantha, I’ve just sent a Spanish translation; please would you mind correcting my surname in “Collaborators”, from my previous translation?
    It’s spelt FAVORITO, thanks a lot in advance!

    Estefanía Favorito

  4. Hi Estefania

    Sorry about the error with your name! I guess eventually, due to all the kind contributions, I will become an expert ….

    Once again thanks for your work!

    When you said you had just sent a Spanish translation did you mean another in addition to your first because I don’t seem to have received it?

    Let me know & have a fantastic evening!



    Co-founder of the great translation chain

  5. Estefanía

    Not only have I added your new translation but I have also amended your details on translation #1.

    Hope everything is well!


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  7. This is a personal message to all collaborators of The GTC – we apologise for the problems with links to your sites & network profiles. It would appear that for whatever reason (guessing something external) all links were in one way or another tampered with. We have spent all morning re-directing your links and coming up with a better way to make these links less open to tampering.

    We hope that our work has resolved all isues & that it will not deter you from giving vital future support to The Chain.

    All of the time that is given to The Chain is given freely & so should problems arise please be assured that they will be dealt with as soon as we have time.

    Kindest regards to all

    Samantha & Bénédicte

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  11. Monica Vizonie

    My name is Monica Vizonie and I am a sworn translator from French and English into Romanian. I would be glad to get involved in your project.

  12. Thank you Monica your valuable contribution has now been added!

    Look forward to continued collaboration …


    Samantha & Bénédicte

  13. Hello,
    I am an Egyptian translator. I live in Egypt.
    I can translate from English>Arabic, French>Arabic, Italian >Arabic.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me on Linked-In.
    Best regards
    Hebat-Allah El Ashmawy

    • Hi

      We would love to have your collaboration into Arabic – a language we don’t yet have!

      You may choose which text you would like to translate.

      Everybody is invited.

      I will look you up on linked in; we aslo have a group on there to.



      Project Co-founder

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