Collaborators’ Comments

This is where we give you the chance to find out more about our translators & give them the chance to say why they donate their time to translating for The Great Translation Chain.

Meet The Great Translation Chains generous collaborators:

Lara Bellocchio – Interpreter & Translator, English & French into Italian –  Milan, Italy

 To be aware and acquainted is the way leading me to collaborate with The Great Translation Chain to raise global awareness spreading news through translation and helping the Children of a Lesser God (Drama written by Hesper Anderson and Mark Medoff  ).


Violeta Farrel – Freelance translator & volunteer, English into Bosnian – Escamps, France

I learned about your project by reading some posts on Linkedin. I think you’re doing a great thing by trying to raise awareness and support causes through translation. I’ve certainly learned new things by reading your articles. If we all muck in and translate them into more languages, more people will be aware and possibly help. I certainly passed the link of your website to lots of my friends in Bosnia and I am sure more and more Bosnians will read about topics you publish. Also, it helps us translators to continually develop. I do a bit of voluntary and charity work already, so I thought this way I will connect my translation skills with a good cause.


Nicola Beedle – Freelance Translator & Volunteer – English into Spanish

FACT – Bad, bad things are happening all over the world right now. FACT – Blogging reaches millions of people all over the world. FACT – Translation into other languages makes articles more accessible to everyone. FACT – Without the Internet and without blogging the majority of these articles woukd go unreported. Those four reasons constitute why I decided to collaborate in The Great Translation Chain. If people don’t know about the awful things that are going on in the world, then there’s no way that they can do something about it. By blogging and translating said blogs at the same time The Great Translation Chain offers a brand new perspective on these issues, making them more accessible and easier to read for everyone in the world. And if I can do my little bit to help out and to try and stop these horrible things from happening – then I’m in!


Maria Cecilia Rey – English into Spanish Freelance Translator, Buenos Aires, Argentina

~ “I’ve joined The GTC project because I believe that raising awareness and supporting causes through translation is a way to foster a better world.”


Natalia Sarmento – Freelance Technical English, French & Portuguese Translator at Natalia Traductions – Braga Portugal         

~ “My humble feeling is that we live in a world lacking of love, friendship and understanding whose main concern is the financial well-being, money …. The key issues are forgotten by most of us. By participating voluntarily in the translation of documents on this channel I cry out my revolt. “


Maria Avrameli – Freelance English into Greek Translator – Thessaloniki, Greece

“I joined The Great Translation Chain because it touches the fundamental purpose of translation, which is making knowledge available to the world. The GTC does that without imposing limitations, in an effort to turn this world into a better place. We don’t forget that we are professionals, but we shouldn’t forget either that each one of us can play their own little part in this direction.”



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