This page is dedicated to the professionals who have either given their time to writing something or have given us permission to extract passages from original & relevant texts.

We believe that, for this project to work, it is important that we echo what is going on globally & not just what is clearly apparent when picking up local & international press. It is for this reason that we invite everybody to contribute in whatever way that they can.

Thank you!

Halina Arendt – Freelance Translator –  Polished Translations – Halina orginally wrote an article entitled “Menace to the Polish Language”, which she wrote in the early 90’s when the phenomenon of the corruption of Polish first started to show up. She agreed to condense this text in order that we could highlight the need to protect languages from economic pressure. https://thegreattranslationchain.wordpress.com/2011/06/13/chain-5-menace-to-languages/

Michael J. Zamba – Director of Communications – Counterpart International Mr Zamba gave us the permission to adapt his orginal online publication in order to highlight & support the invaluable work of Counterpart.org and all that they are doing to aid disabled children in Niger. www.counterpart.org