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#Chain 14 – Where Child Sacrifice is Business

We must warn you before reading on that this story is both shocking & disturbing, but as with most of our awareness raising articles it could not just be ignored. We have tried to condense the original article in a way that it allows our collaborators to translate the text without being too traumatised – we do ask that you read the full article! And finally we ask that you take a moment to sign the petition against this horrific crime.

This story is atrocious & needs our support in order that it be stopped.

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Chain #8 – The Greeks on Prosopopeia’s Altar

“Believers in the shock doctrine are convinced that only a great rupture (…) can generate the kind of vast clean canvases they crave. It is these malleable moments, when we are psychologically unmoored and physically uprooted, that these artists of the real plunge in their hands and begin their work of remaking the world.”

Naomi Klein – The Shock Doctrine Continue reading

Chain #5 Menace to Languages

As mentioned in our GTC newsletter one of the many aims to this project, as well as to support causes, is to also to give visibilty to languages threatened by economic pressure.

For this reason we invited Halina Arendt to contribute a condenced version of  an interesting article that she wrote concerning the Polish language. Continue reading