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#Chain 46 – Myanmar – prisoner clemency marks 64th anniversary


According to many online sources Mynmar’s President Thein Sein has signed a clemency order, reducing sentences for prisoners, in a move to mark the country’s 64th anniversary of independence.Although the order fell short of the general amnesty many people were expecting, it is said that death sentences will be commuted to life imprisonment and many prison terms are to be cut.

It was not immediately clear how many prisoners are to be included in the clemency.

State media reported that the government-appointed National Human Rights Commission had asked Thein Sein for the issue of a general amnesty.

Since taking office in March Thein Sein has pushed forward reforms after decades of repression under previous military regimes. Although still dominated by a military proxy party, changes have been made in media, the internet & political participation.

The last amnesty in October included more than 6,000 prisoners of which 200 were political detainees.

#Chain 16 – Lies, damned lies and statistics in Mexico’s drugs war?

After posting #Chain 11 “Mexico’s survivors are fighting back” we had a few mails sent to us denouncing the facts contained within the article. We were asked to take the chain down – of course we did not.

Our next Chain speaks for itself, surely it cannot all be lies? Continue reading

Chain #11 – Mexico’s survivors are fighting back

Since time immemorial, Mexicans have argued that if it were not for US demand for illicit substances, Mexico would have a manageable drug problem. That Americans are hypocrites because they support prohibitionist & costly drug enforcement policies – yet, through the specious fallacy of medical marijuana, are legalizing drugs without saying so.

These points are the equivalent of believing that flowers and fruit would thrive in the desert if only it rained. They would, but it won’t!

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Chain #10 Sunflowers versus Radioactive Cesium, the Fight is on!

Can sunflowers help heal Fukushima?

Activists are asking people to plant and grow sunflowers with the goal of decontaminating soil made radioactive in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. A group of young entrepreneurs and civil servants are asking volunteers to grow sunflowers, and then send the seeds to the Fukushima area where they will be planted next year to help clean the soil of contamination. Continue reading