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#Chain 23 – Life is just dandy for French pensioners!

If after reading this like us you are left lacking the same sense of amusement expressed by the French daily le Parisien, surely it is time to take action!  Continue reading

#Chain 22 – What Europe must do, NOW, to avert calamity!

For a long time now the Translation Chain has been asking “What about the human cost?” of the Eurozone crisis. When are European leaders going to put the nursing of the “poor economy” to good use in order to save the lives and jobs of the innocent victims of these dire times? It’s only too often that we hear of dramatic falls in share markets, the disastrous loss of confidence in the Euro but what of the awful sinking feeling of despair experienced when these factors ruin lives forever?

Reading the online press this morning I came across this article written by Alistair Darling – Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2007 to 2010 – it almost touches the human factor.

What we would like is to hear the real story from the inside of some of worst impacted countries in Europe. If you live in Greece, Italy, Spain or Portugal (or in fact any European country), and have suffered as a result of your ministers greedy mistakes, we would be more than happy to publicize your story. We extend an open invitation to bloggers and writers alike to expose the truth surrounding the real human impact of the Eurozone crisis.

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#Chain 21 – 600 millions d’adolescentes oubliées

The translation Chain bringing causes to the forefront by crossing the barriers sometimes imposed by language.

We couldn’t do this without the invaluable assistance of our collaborators who give their time to translating awareness!

Do you have time to spare?

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#Chain 17 – Syria ‘using hospitals for torture’ – Amnesty

The Great Translation Chain – Supporting causes through translation – Raising awareness by bringing down language barriers. We try to bring you the latest news of global dilemmas – we ask – if you have the time – that you translate any of the given source or translated texts into your target language.

The Syrian army has been fighting to put down seven months of demonstrations.

Anti-government protests, which first broke out in March, have continued despite President Bashar al-Assad’s attempts to stifle them.

And an even more sinister story emerges out of this already violent unrest. Continue reading

#Chain 15 ‘Thousands of children’ sexually exploited by gangs

Our last two #Chains focused on horrific crimes made against children from poor countries or from poor under-privileged living conditions. This story – unfortunately – is much closer to home and affects just about every corner of society.

The saying goes “Children are our future” – after reading articles such as this we are left wondering just what kind of future our children can expect.

Please join The Great Translation Chain and help to highlight these awful but proven facts – we must do all that we can to put an end to crimes against innocents. Continue reading

#Chain 14 – Where Child Sacrifice is Business

We must warn you before reading on that this story is both shocking & disturbing, but as with most of our awareness raising articles it could not just be ignored. We have tried to condense the original article in a way that it allows our collaborators to translate the text without being too traumatised – we do ask that you read the full article! And finally we ask that you take a moment to sign the petition against this horrific crime.

This story is atrocious & needs our support in order that it be stopped.

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