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#Chain 12 – Adieu « Mademoiselle »

If this is the first time you have visited #TGTC then welcome! You might like to find out a little more about our project by visiting our #TGTC page.

Our latest #Chain looks into women’s rights and the war taking place in France with one word in particular.

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Chain #9 The Greek have never been so dispirited:

Depression looms as global crisis

Back in 2009, as the first Global Mental Health Summit started in Athens, the World Health Organisation (WHO) predicted that within 20 years more people would be affected by depression than any other health problem.

This is what the organisers were calling a crisis in global mental healthcare. Shockingly, only a couple of years later, it appears that these figures lay a lot closer to home than they thought. Continue reading

Chain #7 – Too Late to Save our Planet?

An alarming report on the current state of the oceans was released on June, 21 2011; the distress of the scientists on the videos is palpable and extremely disquieting. “I am particularly worried about my grand-children” says Professor Chris Reid “the changes happening now will affect all our lives in the next few decades to 50 years». Concomitantly, constant news on spreading multiform wars and economic warfare contribute to blacken the picture of our habitat. Will we ever be capable to close this Pandora ’s Box? Continue reading

Chain #6 Les sans domicile fixe (SDF)

Our latest Chain is dedicated to all of the people in the world that have found themselves homeless due to economical, psychological, political, environmental, or medical reasons.

On this occasion we also ask that you send us details of which organisation/organisations provide assistance in your country in order to help find solutions for this unfortunate sector of our society. Continue reading

Chain #5 Menace to Languages

As mentioned in our GTC newsletter one of the many aims to this project, as well as to support causes, is to also to give visibilty to languages threatened by economic pressure.

For this reason we invited Halina Arendt to contribute a condenced version of  an interesting article that she wrote concerning the Polish language. Continue reading

Chain #4 – Niger Children Receive Food Assistance

In support of the invaluable work of Counterpart.org and all that they are doing to aid disabled children in Niger.

The process – easy – translate into your native language, or the language you are most comfortable with, and last but not least pass the translation on!

The Great Translation Chain – supporting causes worldwide. Continue reading