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#Chain 51 – Learning the hard way – The US School Police

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When being a normal kid appears to have become a crime …

A recent & disturbing Guardian online edition report has described how the US has resorted to police patrolling of school corridors, resulting in pupils being arrested for “crimes” such as throwing paper planes & failing to pick up crumbs from the canteen floor.

One twelve year old girl was arrested after spraying herself with perfume following a bullying episode with taunts of “you smell”.

She explains “Other kids don’t like me. They were saying lots of rude things to me so I sprayed myself with perfume”.

After complaints that the perfume smelt disgusting the teacher called the police.

In 2010 alone nearly 300,000 “Class C misdemeanor” ticket were issued to children as young as 6.

What was once dealt with by a telling-off from teachers or a call to parents can now result in a criminal record & in turn could cost a child their future place in college or even a job.

Using such force against youngsters is questionable and following the tasering of a 16-year-old boy at his high school in Seguin Texas after “he refused to cooperate” you have to ask yourself where do we draw the line?

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#Chain 47 – Pakistan’s Infanticide – An unforgivable sin


IRIN online news reported yesterday how infanticide committed by poverty-stricken parents, is on the rise in Pakistan.1,210 bodies of dead infants were found last year – compared to 999 in 2009.  

Horrific stories including that of a woman, forced to smother her two day old infant girl, feeling that she was unable to afford to keep her, are unfortunately becoming more common place. One source reports a 100% increase in the amount of infant corpses being found. Nine out of ten are girls.

With large sums of money needed for marriage, girls are traditionally seen as a burden on families. “People feel girls make no economic contribution to families,” Gulnar Tabassum, a women’s rights activist, told IRIN.

The Edhi Foundation urges parents not to kill their infants, it places some 400 cradles outside the orphanages it runs in the hope that the babies will be left to be cared for by responsible surrogate parents.

Although many mothers wish to save their children, faced with extreme poverty & growing inflation, they feel they must take care of the family they already have.

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