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#Chain 45 – As we wind down 2011

A message from the Great Translation Chain founders.

Can we hope for better world peace in 2012?

This is surely the time, with more and more people raising the awareness of global plights, for mere words to strike a chord in the hearts of those capable of making real and life changing decisions in order that we reduce the suffering of many communities and individuals worldwide.

So far this year we have covered, along with numerous sites such as ours, countless stories of unnecessary suffering that would normally go unnoticed.

Although our work is far from over we would like to take this opportunity to thank all that have generously given their time in order to cross the boundaries very often imposed by language. Thanks to the benevolent giving of translations in support of the humane stories covered so far, we have managed to reach the hearts of many across the globe.  We hope to continue this work well beyond 2012.

We hope in the future to also cover more remote stories with your help; your voice is important to us, our readers and everybody involved.

In the meantime we would like to extend our wishes of peace and good fortune to all.

Special thanks to:

The Great Translation Chain team

The Jubilee Campaign

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

Operation Safe

Humanitarian News

And the many others carrying out fantastic humanitarian work.

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#Chain 43 – A ray of light? Amnesty’s wish for better human rights in North Korea

Source language English 

With the announcement of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s death, comes the opportunity for improving North Korea’s diabolic human rights record say Amnesty International.

Just as his father before him, Kim Jong-il left millions of his people living in extreme poverty without adequate access to food & healthcare and even worse imprisoned many in brutal camps.

Amnesty International hopes that the new government “will step away from the horrific, failed policies of the past.”

However, recent reports suggest that officials threatening the succession of Kim Jong-un, may well have been executed or sent to political prison camps so that the new rule can intensify repression in order to crush any possibility of dissent.

Amnesty has often reported on the atrocious human rights record of North Korea recounting stories of people surviving by eating tree bark & grass and even more unimaginable using unsterilized needles and undertaking major surgery without anesthesia.

“The people of North Korea should not have to suffer even more deprivation now because of political uncertainty.”

If North Korea is to become a strong and prosperous nation, as authorities have suggested, then they need in the words of Amnesty International “to ensure the new leadership adopt a human rights agenda and stop the repression that characterized the Kim Jong-il era.”

Source article

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#Chain 42 – Gespaltene Gesellschaft

Language source German

Die Kluft zwischen Arm und Reich ist in Deutschland zuletzt besonders stark gewachsen. Darauf muss die Politik reagieren.

Die Nachricht ist alarmierend. Die Einkommen drifteten zuletzt in einem Tempo auseinander wie in kaum einem anderen Industrieland. Das zeigt eine Studie der OECD. Danach tut sich in der deutschen Gesellschaft ein immer größerer Spalt auf. Das ist ein beunruhigender Trend, den die Politik nicht hinnehmen darf.

Zuletzt  hatten die obersten zehn Prozent in der Einkommenshierarchie hierzulande achtmal so viel Geld zur Verfügung wie die untersten zehn Prozent.

In der OECD-Studie fallen zwei Ursachen besonders auf: Erstens der technische Fortschritt. Computer und andere Maschinen machen einfache Arbeit leichter ersetzbar.

Zweitens haben sich die Arbeitsplätze selbst verändert: Es gibt mehr Teilzeitstellen, besonders in den Dienstleistungsbranchen, besonders häufig besetzt von Frauen und besonders oft schlecht bezahlt.

Dennoch ist Ungleichheit kein Schicksal, dem die Politik ohnmächtig gegenübersteht. Der Staat hat viele Hebel, um ihr entgegenzuwirken. Das einfachste, aber sehr wirksame Mittel sind Steuern. Zuletzt wurden gerade die Steuern für Besserverdiener gesenkt, es wäre durchaus möglich und richtig, das wieder ein Stück weit zurückzunehmen.

Dennoch, der zuletzt beobachtete Trend darf sich nicht ungebremst fortsetzen. Vor allem die skandinavischen Länder zeigen außerdem, dass ein stärkerer sozialer Ausgleich immer noch möglich ist. Deutschland war lange Zeit ein Land, das ebenfalls dafür stand. Diesen Sonderstatus hat es inzwischen verloren. Nun sollte es aufpassen, dass es nicht auf einen Platz am anderen Ende des Spektrums rutscht.

Die Zeit 12. Dezember 2011

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#Chain 35 – Across the streets, opposition protesters chant, “Russia without Putin!’

Following reports from #Chain 34 – the latest update concerning the situation following the recent Rusian elections ….. 

  • More than 400 arrested in the capital
  • 200 detained for unsanctioned rallies in St Petersburg
  • 25 protestors held in Rostov-na-Donu

Boris Nemtsov, Russian opposition leader, has been reported as one of hundreds of people arrested in central Moscow during the second night of the public outcry and protests against corrupt parliamentary elections and growing accusations of fraud.

Also arrested was head of the Memorial human rights group Oleg Orlov, Yabloko leader Sergei Mitrokhin & Eduard Limonov head of the unregistered Other Russia party.

There are reports of journalists also being detained, (as seen on Twitter) and including one who was allegedly beaten by riot police.

Stand against the establishment

Opposition protestors appealed that police stand with them against the establishment which they dubbed “The monsters.”

One 57 year old man said the fraudulent elections reminded him of what it was like in Russia in the early ‘90s.

Local and international election observers reported widespread ballot stuffing and irregularities in the vote count.

The international community is continuing its criticism of Russia over the conduct of the parliamentary vote.

Speaking in Vilnius to foreign ministers of the election-monitoring Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeated criticism of Russia’s weekend elections, saying they leave room for “serious concerns.”

Rewritten from online information Radio Free Europe

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#Chain 33 – Abortion Opponent Chen Reported Alive

Report language source English

Chen Guangcheng – jailed for 4 years & 3 months for exposing 130,000 forced abortions & sterilisations.

Linyi County, China – Early in October an unconfirmed report said that blind activist Chen Guangcheng had died under house arrest. According to a reliable source, which told Women’s Rights without Frontiers but has requested anonymity, Chen is alive.

Also according to this source the treatment of Chen has improved which has been attributed to the fact that “Chen’s situation was exposed and received huge public attention.”

The “Chen Sunglasses Freedom” campaign continues inside & outside of China, posting photos of people wearing sunglasses in support of Chen.

The slight supposed improvement of Chen’s house arrest and the relief brought by the news he may still be alive is no reason to relax the campaign to free him.

Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights without Frontiers, stated, “We are thrilled and relieved that Chen is alive and his health is improving.   This improved treatment demonstrates the power of the collaborative effort inside and outside China to raise the visibility of his case……(full report)

Adapted in support of the full report by Reggie Littlejohn – Women’s Rights without Frontiers

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#Chain 24 – The Chen Report – released to mark his 40th birthday

Following our Chain – A letter of hope? – we received further information concerning The Chen Guangcheng investigation, passed on to us by Reggie Littlejohn President of Women’s Rights without Frontiers.  

We would like to publish the translation of the condensed facts from the report with the help of our excellent team of translators. 

As always we would like to thank them for bringing these facts to the forefront through translation.  Continue reading