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#Chain 59 – Post-ACTA era – Word from a Translator

It’s the Year 2015.

I am a translator or at least I think I am.

If only my life were easier; fined for illegal usage of copyrighted material, internet connection sporadically down as a slap on the wrist for supposed “misuse”, and those pesky global internet police – do they never sleep?

I am spied on; remind me again I am “just” a translator right? My credibility is in tatters – imagine the money spent on public transport, library fees and not to mention those over-inflated fees to “legally” view necessary documents for my research. After all I’m only being paid the equivalent of 2 of the old centimes!

ACTA has crept into my life, destroyed what was once my working environment and I have the feeling of entering a dead zone.

Every turn brings a new challenge – let’s face it when you are “paid” to translate the words of others and your translated words hold no value what are you to do? My own words are taken away from me (it feels more like theft for the amount I get paid) and I feel all that I am doing is paying more each day for the right to work.

Every single word I thought once belonged not only to me but to the whole human race bears the barcode of the beast “they” call ACTA.

Am I being silenced?

Written by Anon

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