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#Chain 23 – Life is just dandy for French pensioners!

If after reading this like us you are left lacking the same sense of amusement expressed by the French daily le Parisien, surely it is time to take action!  Continue reading


#Chain 20 – Racism against Roma in Europe – the Bulgarian alert!

On the anniversary of our 20th posting, and 6 months since the day we launched our project supporting causes, we bring to you our latest “support for causes through translation” campaign – suggested by one of our respected collaborators Marija Lekic.

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#Chain 18 – Help Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani – sentenced to death

Our latest “The Great Translation Chain” is in support of another one of Jubilee’s Campaigns. 

Please support by helping to translate this innocent man’s plight into as many languages as possible. Don’t forget to hit the share button before leaving – every view counts.

Should you wish to track the work of our translation chain project please feel free to subscribe – our causes need you! Continue reading

#Chain 13 – “Bridenapping” – a growing hidden crime

The United Nations has been aware of “bridenapping” stories like the one mentioned in the following article – not to mention ones with much more tragic endings – for decades, but admits that little has been done to tackle it.

Aminata Touré, chief of the Gender, Human Rights and Culture branch of the UN Population Fund, said: “What we really need is more research to come up with the level of the problem. For something to be registered as a crime, it has to be reported; that’s the problem, because it’s often seen as a cultural practice and not a crime. When it’s not perceived as a crime, it becomes even harder for this practice to be registered as one.

We can play our part in raising the awareness of this serious & tragic crime – The Great Translation Chain – supporting causes through translation.

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#Chain 12 – Adieu « Mademoiselle »

If this is the first time you have visited #TGTC then welcome! You might like to find out a little more about our project by visiting our #TGTC page.

Our latest #Chain looks into women’s rights and the war taking place in France with one word in particular.

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Chain #11 – Mexico’s survivors are fighting back

Since time immemorial, Mexicans have argued that if it were not for US demand for illicit substances, Mexico would have a manageable drug problem. That Americans are hypocrites because they support prohibitionist & costly drug enforcement policies – yet, through the specious fallacy of medical marijuana, are legalizing drugs without saying so.

These points are the equivalent of believing that flowers and fruit would thrive in the desert if only it rained. They would, but it won’t!

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