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#Chain 35 – Across the streets, opposition protesters chant, “Russia without Putin!’

Following reports from #Chain 34 – the latest update concerning the situation following the recent Rusian elections ….. 

  • More than 400 arrested in the capital
  • 200 detained for unsanctioned rallies in St Petersburg
  • 25 protestors held in Rostov-na-Donu

Boris Nemtsov, Russian opposition leader, has been reported as one of hundreds of people arrested in central Moscow during the second night of the public outcry and protests against corrupt parliamentary elections and growing accusations of fraud.

Also arrested was head of the Memorial human rights group Oleg Orlov, Yabloko leader Sergei Mitrokhin & Eduard Limonov head of the unregistered Other Russia party.

There are reports of journalists also being detained, (as seen on Twitter) and including one who was allegedly beaten by riot police.

Stand against the establishment

Opposition protestors appealed that police stand with them against the establishment which they dubbed “The monsters.”

One 57 year old man said the fraudulent elections reminded him of what it was like in Russia in the early ‘90s.

Local and international election observers reported widespread ballot stuffing and irregularities in the vote count.

The international community is continuing its criticism of Russia over the conduct of the parliamentary vote.

Speaking in Vilnius to foreign ministers of the election-monitoring Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeated criticism of Russia’s weekend elections, saying they leave room for “serious concerns.”

Rewritten from online information Radio Free Europe

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#Chain 34 – Unsanctioned Demonstrations against Russia’s Rigged Vote

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Following the results of the December 4 parliamentary elections, opposition groups have said they will continue to protest despite the fact that around 800 protestors being already detained.The groups are rallying people to join the demonstrations through various social-networking sites.The “Against the Party of Swindlers and Thieves” (making reference to the United Russia party of President Dmitri Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin) group is calling for protests to take place every day at 7 in the evening.The Facebook page “Demonstrations for Honest Elections – with around 11,000 likes – is calling for Muscovites to come together in protest at Moscow’s Revolution Square.The cases of those demonstrators previously detained are due to begin soon. Many of the people detained before, for carrying out unsanctioned protests, were sentenced to 15 days for their actions.Official election results showed United Russia receiving a far smaller percentage of the vote than in the last election but still enough to win more than half the seats in parliament.Opposition groups say the vote was rigged.

Facts taken and adapted from Radio Free Europe – Radio Liberty

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