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# Chain 39 – Homelessness a crime in Hungary!

Source language English & following on from Chain #6 – SDF

Budapest-According to an article recently published on the BBC online edition , a new regulation has been passed making it illegal to be homeless in Hungary!

Widely condemned by charities, and causing quite a stir with online petitions popping up all over the net, the new law is said to carry a fine of around $600 or imprisonment.

And, on what grounds exactly? Budapest cannot cope with the vast numbers of homeless sleeping on the streets.

With hostels lacking sufficient places there are said to be around 10,000 forced to camp outdoors in the Hungarian capital.

Deputy Head of Hungarian Maltese Charity Service said there were no other grounds for this law other than that of the public being fed up with seeing the homeless on their streets.

Budapest’s capacity to cope with this situation may well be stretched to the limits, but surely this depth of poverty needs to be cured not penalized.

If these people could waste $600 on a fine it’s safe to assume that they would prefer to spend it on a bed & a warm meal!

Say no! Sign the online petition today!

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Chain #6 Les sans domicile fixe (SDF)

Our latest Chain is dedicated to all of the people in the world that have found themselves homeless due to economical, psychological, political, environmental, or medical reasons.

On this occasion we also ask that you send us details of which organisation/organisations provide assistance in your country in order to help find solutions for this unfortunate sector of our society. Continue reading