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#Chain 34 – Unsanctioned Demonstrations against Russia’s Rigged Vote

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Following the results of the December 4 parliamentary elections, opposition groups have said they will continue to protest despite the fact that around 800 protestors being already detained.The groups are rallying people to join the demonstrations through various social-networking sites.The “Against the Party of Swindlers and Thieves” (making reference to the United Russia party of President Dmitri Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin) group is calling for protests to take place every day at 7 in the evening.The Facebook page “Demonstrations for Honest Elections – with around 11,000 likes – is calling for Muscovites to come together in protest at Moscow’s Revolution Square.The cases of those demonstrators previously detained are due to begin soon. Many of the people detained before, for carrying out unsanctioned protests, were sentenced to 15 days for their actions.Official election results showed United Russia receiving a far smaller percentage of the vote than in the last election but still enough to win more than half the seats in parliament.Opposition groups say the vote was rigged.

Facts taken and adapted from Radio Free Europe – Radio Liberty

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#Chain 32 – Egypt – Electors honour the dead

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Without Tahir, we wouldn’t have had these elections!

Friday’s Turnout in the first leg of Egypt’s first free election in six decades was an unprecedented 62 percent, far higher than in the rigged polls under deposed President Hosni Mubarak.

Abdul Moez Ibrahim acknowledged a number of violations in the balloting on Monday and Tuesday, notably campaigning outside polling stations, but said these did not affect the results.

Ibrahim joked that the turnout was the highest in any Egyptian election “since the pharaohs”. It was even greater than in the “forgeries of the past elections”, he added.

“The blood of martyrs has watered the tree of freedom, social justice and the rule of law. We are now reaping its first fruits,” Ibrahim said in tribute to more than 850 people killed in a popular revolt that toppled Mubarak in February.

Protesters were out again in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday to mourn the deaths of 42 people killed last month in demonstrations demanding the generals who took over from Mubarak hand over to civilian rule immediately.

“Without Tahrir, we wouldn’t have had these elections,” said Mohamed Gad in the square that cradled the revolt. “God willing, the elections will succeed and the revolution will triumph.”

Adapted from Reuters online By Dina Zayed and Alistair Lyon

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#Chain 31 – Pour qui sonne le glas ?

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C’est la crise ! La crise de l’école, la crise financière, la crise du capitalisme, bientôt la crise de foie. Mais en fait, d’où nous viennent ces problèmes ? Le compte en banque des riches se porte à merveille, l’industrie du luxe ne connait pas la crise. Alors? Et si le serrage de ceinture, la précarité, les réformes de l’école, les évaluations, l’autoritarisme n’avaient qu’une seule source ? La volonté des dirigeants de nous faire baisser la tête à tous  pour garder leur confort. Et nous ployons le genou devant le dieu Argent. Connaissez-vous le dicton ?Quand le dernier arbre sera abattu, la dernière rivière asséchée, le dernier poisson pêché, l’homme s’apercevra que l’argent n’est pas comestible.

Article paru dans le “Bulletin du syndicat CNT  des travailleurs de l’Education” & transmis par Laurent MAZEAU  (professeur Paris)

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#Chain 30 – Deadly toys littering Libya’s streets

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The magic wand of Merlin is needed!

Nurden Abosowa, 12 – The discovery of his “new toys” left him in agony, bleeding heavily from an abdomen wound, he was taken to the remote town’s hospital. Playing with the “toy guns” left on a truck parked outside his uncle’s house left him with a section of his stomach & intestines blown away.Before the uprising that led to Gaddafi’s demise, the boy would have faced a life-threatening two-hour drive across the border into Tunisia, but Nalut hospital has changed dramatically since then  with the help of British medical emergency relief charity, Merlin.

While the conflict is over, the flow of casualties has continued.

One worker from the Merlin Organisation said “We fear we’re going to see lots of kids, because there are so many weapons around and they are curious.”

One family were not as lucky as Nurden’s; Zakaria, 11, was found in his garden after his mother heard an enormous explosion. Her son was lying motionless on the ground and later died due to the seriousness of his injuries and the lack of specialist doctors. The family’s eldest son had fought with rebels and they were afraid for him but never expected Zakaria to die in this way.

The sobering reality is that until the thousands of weapons and unexploded devices littering the country are safely removed, tragedies like these will continue.

You can help by making a donation to The Merlin Appeal.

Adapted from the Independent online edition 

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#Chain 29 – Les poux adorent le saumon – Bon Ap’ !

Voilà une raison de plus pour se régaler de saumon industriel.

On savait déjà que la bestiole d’élevage qu’on nous sert à table n’est pas toujours très ragoûtante.

Petit rappel pour ceux qui l’auraient oublié : avant d’atterrir dans notre assiette, le saumon industriel, qui atteint ses 6 kilos en deux ans, soit deux fois plus vite que son cousin sauvage, a été sélectionné génétiquement pour faire du gras et nourri de granulés énergétiques constitués de farines de poisson agglomérées avec de l’huile de palme. Continue reading

#Chain 23 – Life is just dandy for French pensioners!

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