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#Chain 40 – Minority Languages Marginalised by Globalisation

The Great Translation Chain takes the need for retaining language seriously. What better subject to have on our 40th Chain other than language itself!

Source language: English > Dream: to be translated into as many languages as possible!

According to the report published by UNPO the number of languages practiced in the world has fallen with astonishing rapidity over the last hundred years as communities become more and more disconnected.As globalization took a firm hold, communities searching for social & economic advancement in the first half of the 20th century, often adopted European languages to the demise of their traditional dialects.

The fall of the Soviet Union did bring about some re-emergence of national tongues as new leaders made that their first priority; which happily in turn led to greater international appreciation of art & culture.

Shockingly despite this it is estimated that 90 % of languages will disappear by the end of the 21st century.

Those groups finding their languages threatened range from the Aboriginals of the Australian plains to the Chechens in North Caucasus.

As we have learnt from past threats of language extinction it is going to be left to tomorrow’s generation to take significant steps to stop this. In Abkhazia people are still trying to recover from a language ban received from Stalin’s leadership. Likewise, the children of Tatars are taking large steps to resurrect their language.

Fortunately, via tools such as the internet it has never been easier to access information on languages from dictionaries to pronunciation and thus it has never been easier to broadcast information to the world’s populations.

The desire to protect language has never been so strong, but one question still remains to be asked; are there still enough native speakers of minority languages left to pass on the knowledge?

Full Report at UNPO 

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#Chain 38 – My Mommy doesn’t need fixing!

Source Language English

It’s fair to say that Michele Bachmann’s relationship with the LGBT community is already more than a little bit strained, but it would appear that 8-year-old Elijah did nothing to help when he wandered up to her saying “My mommy, miss Bachmann, my mommy’s gay but she doesn’t need any fixing.”

Bachmann called the act shameless referring to whether a child of this age should get embroiled with this “adult matter”.

There is no denying though, that with so many prominent political figures wanting to take away an individual’s right to choose their own sexuality – which, after all is something rather personal – that the children of the LGBT community may have something to say!

Whatever the reason for little Elijah speaking out, the LGBT community can comfort themselves with the thought that Bachmann’s chances of winning the Republican nominations — barring a miraculous turn-around — seem bleak.

After all according to the view of many it’s not Elijah’s mum that needs fixing, it’s Bachmann’s views.

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