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Let us kick off by saying that the unwavering support for this project restores our belief that people can & do really care about each other – heartwarming!

After a months break (well-deserved I might add) the Chain has got back off to a cracking start with the addition of not only new awareness raising articles, but also new collaborators & subscribers.

Changes to The Great Translation Chain

Following the steady increase in hits, & an influx of  emails suggesting causes & topics that we could cover, we have decided to step up the amount of posts we make. Typically in the past we have focused on writing or showcasing one article per week. This decision was made not only because we didn’t want our volunteer translators to feel pressured into doing more than their own commitments would allow, but also because we felt it would give individual posts more exposure.

We feel that the way forward with this project is to not only cover global issues but also local news from around the world thus giving our collaborators more say about what we cover – in other words not only English & French written articles.

Of course we intend to carry on putting the same effort as alway into this project; however the difference now is that we are asking you – wherever you are in the world to tell us what is happening where you live. Is there a story that you think the rest of the world should know about?

Could we turn The Great Translation Chain into a translated causes journal?

What’s going to happen to the Translator Collaborators page?

It’s true that there are many aspects to this site that need modifying in one way or another. Bare with us on this; as you may well know it is not easy to manage an unfinanced project of this size without something suffering – better the visual aspect than the content!

The collaborators’ page is, of course, important & so is going to undergo a facelift very shortly. The plan is to put a face to each & every collaborator of The Great Translation Chain, and also give everybody the opportunity to say why they have collaborated to this project. We are going to be gathering this information by way of the translation templates that appears at the bottom of each article & in that way each profile can be updated at the same time as the translations are posted.

A final word or two

How can we end this without of course saying a massive thank you to those of you whom have already contributed & to those that will do so in the future.

We appreciate all that you do & realise that most of you have professional & family commitments too – it is for this reason that we feel we must say that you are not pressured into doing every Chain – only do what you feel you can – every donation counts!

Best wishes

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