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#Chain 57 – What is Acta – Watch the horror unfold!

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Typically, as all eyes were focused on America’s SOPA and PIPA war, ACTA came along almost undetected.

On January 26, the EU and member states including the UK signed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement in Japan.

Right now, as reported by AVAAZ,   negotiators at secretive talks are working on a deal that would cut off people from life-saving medicines.

Millions of people rely on generic medicines to treat diseases like malaria and HIV. If the so-called Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) goes forward, they could find themselves unable to afford the drugs that keep them alive.

Negotiators are trying to rush through the talks in response to mounting opposition. Our voices can prevent a bad deal being struck when no-one is looking.

ACTA may well have been signed but the fight isn’t quite over; we have until June to save our internet.

Join us in translation and say NO to ACTA before it’s too late!

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#Chain 55 – ACTA – A real threat to our internet – Force Europe to say no!

Please help The Great Translation Chain to translate this appeal for support into as many languages as possible.

We have already come across restrictions from the Associated Press concerning strict copyright rules that have meant we have been prevented from sharing & translating stories of important global humanitarian issues.

Should the ACTA regulation be passed it will have a massively negative impact on our work & that of our generous volunteers – we cannot let this happen!

#Chain 55 – ACTA – A real threat to our internet – Force Europe to say no!

ACTA – Uma Verdadeira Ameaça à Nossa Internet – Obrigue a Europa a Dizer Não! – Ivan Costa Pinto – Brazilian Portuguese

АКТА (Търговско споразумение за борба с фалшифицирането) – Реална заплаха за нашият Интернет – Накарайте Европа да каже НЕ! –  Daniella D’Louhy – Bulgarian

ACTA (Acordo Comercial contra a Falsificação) – Uma ameaça real à nossa internet – Forcem a Europa a dizer não! –  by Amanda Vieira – Portuguese

ACTA – O adevărată ameninţare pentru internetul nostru – Obligaţi Europa să spună nu!- Mihaela Goga – Romanian 

ACTA – Een serieuze bedreiging van ons internet – Dwing Europa om nee te zeggen! – Petra Klinkenberg – Dutch

ACTA – ‘n Ernstige bedreiging vir die Internet. Dwing Europa om nee te sê! – Petro Ebersöhn – Afrikaans 

ACTA – реальная угроза нашему Интернету – заставьте Европу сказать нет! – Olga Dasko – Russian 

ACTA – Una vera minaccia alla libertà della rete – Costringiamo l’Europa a dire no! – Davide Arnold Lamagni – Italian

ACTA – Une vraie menace pour notre internet – Forcez l’Europe à dire non ! – French

ACTA – Una verdadera amenaza para nuestro internet – ¡Obligue Europa a decir no! – Spanish

ACTA – Μια αληθινή απειλή για το ιντερνέτ μας – Αναγκάστε την Ευρώπη να πει όχι! –  Nicolas Patsos – Greek  

ACTA – ‘n wesentlike bedreiging vir ons internet – Dwing Europa om nee te sê! – Trix Pauw Afrikaans

АКТА – Реална закана за нашиот интернет – Присилете ја Европа да каже не! – Nebojsa Vasovik  – Macedonian 

ACTA – Prawdziwe zagrożenie dla naszego Internetu – Zmuś Europę, aby powiedziała NIE! – Arkadiusz Witek – Polish 

ACTA – O ameninţare reală pentru internetul nostru – Forţaţi Europa să spună nu! – LiLIANA STOICA –  Romanian

ACTA 是我们互联网实实在在的威胁,我们一齐迫使欧盟拒绝他们!- by Oliver Li – Simplified Chinese 

ACTA on uhka internetille. Pakota Eurooppa sanomaan ei –  Pertti Metsänheimo – Finnish 

ACTA [Εμορική Συμφωνία Ενάντια στην Πλαστογράφηση]- Μια πραγματική απειλή για το διαδίκτυό μας.- Πιέστε την Ευρώπη να πεί όχι. – STAM FASSOULAKIS – GREEK 

ACTA – La Lucha contra la Falsificación del Acuerdo Comercial- Una verdadera amenaza para nuestro internet- Obliga a Europa a decir No! – Monica Rodriguez – Spanish 

ACTA (Acuerdo Comercial contra la Falsificacion)-Una verdadera amenaza para nuestro internet. Fuerza a Europa a decir No! – Efrain Salinas  – Spanish

ACTA – Isang tunay na panganib sa ating internet – Pilitin ang Europa na magsabing hindi! –  Leticia Parks –  Tagalog

АКТА (Трговски договор за борба против фалсификувањето) – Реална закана за нашиот интернет – Присилете ја Европа да каже не! – Nebojsa Vasovik – Macedonian

ACTA (Acordo Comercial contra a Falsificação) – Uma ameaça real à nossa internet – Forcem a Europa a dizer não! – Amanda Vieira – Portuguese

ACTA – Hiệp Định Thương Mại Chống Hàng Giả – Phuoc Pham – Vietnamese

ACTA- ” Un vero pericolo per la nostra rete internet- Costringiamo l’Europa a dire No” – Giovanna Lupi – Italian

ACTA- Istinska prijetnja našem internetu. Primorajte Europu da kaže ne! – Tamara Ljubicic – Croatian 

AKTA – Istinska pretnja našem internetu – Primorajte Evropu da kaže ne! – Ksenija Ajdinovic

AKTA – istinska pretnja našem internetu – Naterajte Evropu da kaže ne! – Ksenija Ajdinovic 

АКТА е истинска заплаха за нашия Интерне. Накарайте Европа да каже не! – Koprinka Tchervenkova  

ACTA – Μια πραγματική απειλή για το διαδίκτυό μας. Πιέστε την Ευρώπη να πει όχι! – Despina Chryssafi 

Send your translation in support – Say NO!

Last week AVAAZ gathered 3 million individuals to fight off America’s threat to attack internet freedom – but it appears there is a bigger threat out there!

It’s outrageous — governments of four-fifths of the world’s people were excluded from the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) negotiations and unelected bureaucrats have worked closely with corporate lobbyists to craft new rules and a dangerously powerful enforcement regime.

ACTA would initially cover the US, EU and 9 other countries, and then be rolled out across the world. But if we can get the EU to say no now, the treaty will lose momentum and could stall for good.

The oppressively strict regulations could mean people everywhere are punished for simple acts such as sharing a newspaper article or uploading a video of a party where copyrighted music is played. Sold as a trade agreement to protect copyrights, ACTA could also ban lifesaving generic drugs and threaten local farmers’ access to the seeds they need. And, amazingly, the ACTA committee will have carte blanche to change its own rules and sanctions with no democratic scrutiny.

Big corporate interests are pushing hard for this, but the EU Parliament stands in the way. Let’s send a loud clear NO by signing AVAAZ petition now!

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