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#Chain 46 – Myanmar – prisoner clemency marks 64th anniversary


According to many online sources Mynmar’s President Thein Sein has signed a clemency order, reducing sentences for prisoners, in a move to mark the country’s 64th anniversary of independence.Although the order fell short of the general amnesty many people were expecting, it is said that death sentences will be commuted to life imprisonment and many prison terms are to be cut.

It was not immediately clear how many prisoners are to be included in the clemency.

State media reported that the government-appointed National Human Rights Commission had asked Thein Sein for the issue of a general amnesty.

Since taking office in March Thein Sein has pushed forward reforms after decades of repression under previous military regimes. Although still dominated by a military proxy party, changes have been made in media, the internet & political participation.

The last amnesty in October included more than 6,000 prisoners of which 200 were political detainees.


#Chain 35 – Across the streets, opposition protesters chant, “Russia without Putin!’

Following reports from #Chain 34 – the latest update concerning the situation following the recent Rusian elections ….. 

  • More than 400 arrested in the capital
  • 200 detained for unsanctioned rallies in St Petersburg
  • 25 protestors held in Rostov-na-Donu

Boris Nemtsov, Russian opposition leader, has been reported as one of hundreds of people arrested in central Moscow during the second night of the public outcry and protests against corrupt parliamentary elections and growing accusations of fraud.

Also arrested was head of the Memorial human rights group Oleg Orlov, Yabloko leader Sergei Mitrokhin & Eduard Limonov head of the unregistered Other Russia party.

There are reports of journalists also being detained, (as seen on Twitter) and including one who was allegedly beaten by riot police.

Stand against the establishment

Opposition protestors appealed that police stand with them against the establishment which they dubbed “The monsters.”

One 57 year old man said the fraudulent elections reminded him of what it was like in Russia in the early ‘90s.

Local and international election observers reported widespread ballot stuffing and irregularities in the vote count.

The international community is continuing its criticism of Russia over the conduct of the parliamentary vote.

Speaking in Vilnius to foreign ministers of the election-monitoring Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeated criticism of Russia’s weekend elections, saying they leave room for “serious concerns.”

Rewritten from online information Radio Free Europe

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Whilst of course praying for the families of the innocent victims of this horrendous crime we must also demand a fair trial. Continue reading

#Chain 24 – The Chen Report – released to mark his 40th birthday

Following our Chain – A letter of hope? – we received further information concerning The Chen Guangcheng investigation, passed on to us by Reggie Littlejohn President of Women’s Rights without Frontiers.  

We would like to publish the translation of the condensed facts from the report with the help of our excellent team of translators. 

As always we would like to thank them for bringing these facts to the forefront through translation.  Continue reading